Customer Testimonials

"This was the absolutely our favorite family photography session we have ever experienced! Michael came to our home and we took him on our favorite walk down to our local lake. He interacted so naturally with our kids, and let them guide him. He took his time, was super easy to relate to, and it was like a family playdate. He captured our girls' personality precisely! We had a few ideas in mind of some poses we were interested in, and he recreated them beautifully. Honestly, he is magic with his camera. I highly recommend. I won't ever use another photographer."

     - Laura Meyers

"I hired Michael to photograph my catering business in action and I couldn't believe the results!  Michael has a special talent that is definitely something to talk about.  His attention to detail is out of this world!  His line of questioning prior to my events regarding what I was looking for is CLEARLY seen in the images he produced.  In fact, after having him out at one event and seeming some sample photos, I hired him again.  If you are looking to have a moment captured in images, Michael is DEFINITELY the guy for the job!!"

     - Richard Ward

"I hired Michael to do business headshots for me.  Michael goes out of his way to make sure you get exactly what you want!  Not only is he an amazing photographer, but he is also very easy to work with and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with your photos.  I would highly recommend his services!"     

     - Chenoah Ulibarri

"The agency where I work hired Michael to photograph a five star gala we were working on, and I am so glad we did! Michael is responsive and easy to coordinate with in the planning stages. During the event he set up a wonderful self serve photo station, which was a hit, and he was so easy to work with and flexible to our requests during the event. Most importantly, the photos turned out STUNNING! I highly recommend hiring!"

     - Katie Myers

"Michael Stentz Jr. is a photographer whose photos are as good or better than any I’ve seen in the genre of concert photography. I am using his photos, and would recommend his work to anyone."

     - David Bromberg, Grammy nominee, musical legend, and winner of Best Blues Album in Downbeat magazine's 2017 Critic's Poll.

"Michael is a great photographer! He did an amazing job capturing our family photos even with a busy two year old running around. He is warm, friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend him."

     - Sabrina Heppe

"I would highly recommend Michael for any event that you may be planning or have in the works! He is very easy to work with and his communication skills are bar none. His skill and art level is on another level! You will be blown away after you receive the pictures his eye for detail and always being at the right place at the right time is spot on!! Give Michael a shot to make your special moment something you can love and share for a lifetime!!!"

     - L.T. Flinn

"As a photographer myself, I am pretty picky about photography. Michael does BEAUTIFUL work. He is brilliant at capturing a moment, and is clearly connected with his subjects. Some photographers are good technicians, but lack artistry. Michael has both skills in abundance!"

     - Karen Ussery

"Michael has a special gift for photography. He has a unique ability to capture and portray emotion in a photograph. He's very knowledgeable about his craft, but also eager to learn and experiment with new ideas. He is very friendly and easy to talk to and work with. You will not be disappointed with the results!"

     - Tara Marty

"Michael is the best photographer I know. I hope the Seahawks hire him before another team does."

     - Wallace Nagedzi Dzamgwal Watts

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Michael for several years now. He is such an authentic and kind person, not to mention very talented and creative! Michael's photographic ability is sure to amaze you. It is rare to find someone who can literally photograph anything and everything. Seriously, check out his work. This guy knows his stuff. I would highly recommend Michael for your photographic needs. Whether it is for your wedding, portraits, your children's musical and sporting events or even pets, he is your go to. My wife and I look forward to working with him in the future. Thank you Michael."

     - Dan and Katie Travelle

"Great service, very professional, very good and fast communication."

     - Thorsten Staudigl

"Michael is such a pleasure to work with!  As talented as he is professional!  Highly recommended."     

     - Marlón Smith

"Just look at his portfolio! But not only is he an exceptional photographer, I've known Michael for around 5 years and can say with certainty he is impeccable with his word. He's personable, professional, and easy to be around, great qualities in a photographer. Highly recommended!"

     - Nina Rose

"Seriously, people, Michael is amazing! We share a love for Brandi Carlile and her band and I have several prints from those shows that are so very special to me! He has such an eye and his photos, whether they be of the band, the Seahawks, his cats and bugs that he finds, show true care! He is also such a kind and generous human! Can't go wrong with Michael...he never disappoints!"

     - Christa Rosst

"You will fall in love with Michael's care and talent. You'll do that by working with him or just viewing his images."

     - Raymond Ussery

"I've worked with Michael quite a few times, he's such an amazing photographer. He makes the whole experience so much fun. The photos he takes turn out amazing! I highly recommend him!"

     - Ashley Gearon

"Michael is always a pleasure to work with. He has a great, upbeat personality that makes it easy for him to get the best out of his clients. He also has a great turnaround time so you'll get to see your pictures quickly after the shoot!"

     - Chris Stinson

"Michael is awesome. I had him take some new pictures of me for my business, since the ones on my website were out of date and they came out so good! He has a very warm, engaging and friendly presence about him which brings out a good side of you when he takes your picture. Its like hanging out with a close friend and you let your guard down and it makes everything look and feel very natural. You can also tell that he really loves his job, he brings a lot of energy with him and it feels very authentic. If you are looking for a good photographer for your business or personal life, I would highly recommend him."

     - Ben Dorfman

"Michael is an amazing photographer, who really knows how to capture "the moment". I've had the occasion to be with him during a few sessions and he creates wonderful moments, and captures the emotions of the event. I look forward to future events with him."

     - Martina Gilbertson

"Art and life go hand in hand and you can't enjoy one without the other. Michael Stentz Jr. makes a good point of that statement with his amazing photos, either capturing simple and rewarding moments in life such as a yawning cat or unique and exciting events such as true performers giving their best on stage!!! Enjoy his portfolio!!!"

     - Nicolas Ciotti

"I first saw michael’s work as concert photography of a band that we both love. But then we were both at the same concert and he took these beautiful portraits of the fans waiting in line. They were amazing and really captured the people and the energy and excitement of the day. And then he posted this moon picture today and it was exceptional! I’m not sure there’s anything he can’t do..."

     - Genni Williams

"I absolutely love Michael's work! His Brandi Carlile Band concert photos in particular are so artistic and really capture the energy of the band. If he can capture such beauty in the dark lighting and constant movement of a live concert, he can photograph anything!"

     - Sarah Beth

"The photos are piercingly clear. He knows how to work both shadows and color superbly. I recently was attracted to a photo that is is a live action concert photo where Michael used the background darkness and shadows to enhance the singers face and eyes while still being able to reflect the color of the clothing. If it’s sports you are interested in there are action photos as well as sideline shots of the Seattle Seahawks where the focus is clear and penetrating. The bright daylight coloring clearly makes you feel like you are standing on the field in fresh sunlight with no clouds in the sky. The online portfolio shows you the quality of this photographers work. If he is good enough for Edge, Bono, Brandi and the Seahawks..."

     - Janelle Stiglic

"I love Michael's live music photography . It is an art form that truly conveys the passion and intimacy that the artist is feeling in the moment."

     - Lisa Birdsell-Coughlin

"Michael does such beautiful work. He is always somehow able to capture the spirit of his subject, be it a person or an event. Very talented and I highly recommend him."

     - Lisa Baker

"My first interaction with Michael sums up the essence of his photography. It was post home divisional round game against the Panther and we beat them. Richard Sherman came out to do an interview on the field and was signing many fans autographs. He didn't quite make it to us but my brother yelled to him, "Here man! It's yours!" He wanted to give Sherm his beaded Seahawks medallion. Sherm, who was already jogging back to the locker room, wanted my brother to throw it, but my brother was reluctant. So Sherm came back and got it from my brother, Michael, a total stranger at the time, got the picture of my brother handing Sherm his medallion, you could see in the photo Sherm mouthing, Thank you. Michael has ever since been capturing moments like this. It's what he does best. I know that if I ever needed a professional photographer I'd look forward to using Michael Stentz. He has a natural knack for capturing the best moments and bringing out the best in you, he's a real great guy that would make anyone's special events into beautiful memories."

     - Amethyst Aitken

"Michael Stentz Jr is an extraordinary photographer - thank you for this great work. Looking forward to more!"

     - Susan H.

"Michael is extremely talented and obviously brings out the best in his subjects. His creativity and unique eye make his work stand out. He also has such a great personality he will put anyone at ease and help them feel comfortable, which lets their natural beauty shine through. Just scroll through his portfolio and it is obvious Michael has a rare talent!"

     - Susan Roe Watson

"Dear Michael, I cannot tell you how much I cherish these images! I just sat down to order them today, and I know exactly where I am going to hang them in the house. These photos are gorgeous, and they capture the joy we felt that day on vacation enjoying the beautiful surroundings and our time together."

     - Sarah D.

"Thank you for all of your dedicated and beautiful work with us this year.  It's been a joy working with you!"

     - Katie Myers

"Michael is a Natural behind the lens, He not only captures action and reaction, but emotions!" 

     - Blanca Way

"Michael has a natural ability to capture the spirit of an event. I can relive my experiences through his photographs."

     - Nicole Anton Sutti

"Michael catches the expressions people perfectly! He is also a great guy and wants to do his best always!"

     - Terry Johnson

"Michael, the pictures you took for this most recent project were absolutely stunning! You never fail to impress."

     - Katie Myers

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